2014 Ltd Ed "Margarita Bay"

Our 2014 Ltd Ed Coastal Santa breaks free from the reserved demeanor of our past Ltd Editions. He has put on his party clothes and paired up with his Parrot friend and invited all of us to join him on the beach for some serious relaxation and contemplation! Put on your sunscreen, bring your straw hat, and flip flops are a must to join our Margarita Bay Santa for some major beach time! He is 16" tall with the limiest lime green coat he could find! His cobalt blue boots and pack are perfect accents to his bright green suit. He has a beach chair close by that can be personalized with any name or place. He has his beach bag in hand with Margaritas painted on the towel over his arm. His Parrot friend sits on his shoulder with his pack full of shells and don't forget his jewel accented starfish staff. A Boat Drink in his bucket says it's time to relax and prepare for the next Christmas season. This is our numbered Ltd Edition 2014 Coastal Santa and he begs to be your summer and Coastal Christmas companion!

2014 Ltd Ed "Margarita Bay"
Hand Made In USA

$112.00 ea.
+ $7.95 Shipping ea.


Breakwater Lighthouse - LBRE1

Designed and manufactured, in the United States of America, Mill Wood Art ® pieces are rough milled logs transformed into original art, making them unique in every way. The natural beauty and warmth of the wood create a striking focal point to enhance any room.

Breakwater Lighthouse - LBRE1
Hand Made In USA

30in. x 9 1/2in. - $49.95 ea. + $12.95 Shipping ea.
59in. x 9 1/2in. - $79.95 ea. + $12.95 Shipping ea.

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